how does the guru manage to save his disciple life

how does the guru manage to save his disciple life

how does the guru manage to save his disciple life

Question: How does the guru manage to save his disciple’s life?

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Are you a student of class 9 and having difficulty understanding how does the guru manage to save his disciple life? Or are you a parent or a tutor who is having difficulty explaining it to your kids? Or maybe you are just a reader curious about the story? You don’t have to look anywhere anymore. In this blog, we will summarize the chapter. And explain how does the guru manage to save his disciple life. The story is undoubtedly a traditional Kannada tale. The people in the state of Karnataka speak the regional language, Kannada. A folktale is a tale we tell from one generation to the next. It is taken from AK Ramanujan’s “Folk Tales from India.”

The story “In the Kingdom of Fools” refers to the region where the local population is far from wise. The King, his ministers, and his advisors are all fools in this story. This story describes what occurs when this individual dominates the Kingdom. The peculiar aspect of the Kingdom was that animals and people were forced to sleep throughout the day. In this Kingdom, everything cost a Duddu.

The characters in the picture are from the 9th grade English moments, Chapter 4: In the Kingdom of fools.

Summary of ‘In the Kingdom of fools’

The Kingdom in this intriguing tale was ruled by a silly king and his equally idiotic ministers. He and his ministers gave the Kingdom’s citizens the directive to treat the day as night and night as day. So The people of the Kingdom would go about their everyday business at night and sleep all day. Then one day, a guru and his disciple arrive in the region. They become shocked when they discover everyone sleeping the whole day and working at night. They later found that all food throughout the Kingdom cost only one duddu (one coin). The guru was an intelligent man. He analyzes the situation and advice his disciple to leave the state with him. But the overabundance of cheap food enticed the disciple away from following his guru.

A thief broke into a house and died instantly when the house wall collapsed on his head as he brought back the stolen valuables. The thief’s brother went to the monarch and requested him to punish the merchant for failing to erect a sturdy wall. The ruler was stupid; therefore, he failed to recognize that the deceased man was a criminal.

He arrested and tried everyone who had a hand in the thief’s death, including the wealthy businessman whose home’s wall had collapsed, the person who had built the wall, the dancing girl whose anklets distracted the builder, and he constructed a flimsy wall. He further summoned the goldsmith, who was the reason the dancing girl had to move about the street that day. In the end, the King declares that the merchant will get the punishment on behalf of his father. However, the merchant was too thin to fit on the stake. The monarch asked to find a fat man to put on the stake.

Explaining How the guru manages to save his disciple’s life

The King’s men brought the disciple to the King’s court just because he was fat. And the monarch announced his execution. When the disciple awaited his execution, he remembered his guru’s advice. The guru had told him that “They are all fools. This won’t last very long, and you can’t tell what they’ll do to you next.” The disciple called out for his guru, who magically appeared. As mentioned above, the guru was a wise and intelligent man. The guru manages to save his disciple’s life. He arrived on time and promptly began arguing with his disciple to confuse the King. The guru asks the ruler to execute him first. Saying that he was superior to his disciple. King was astounded by the reasoning and asked the guru why he was insistent.

The guru muttered in the King’s ear that there is no kingdom like this. Additionally, the stake is brand-new and not like any other stake. Consequently, the first person to be put to death on it will rule this state as a king in his rebirth. And whoever is put to death next will serve as a minister of this Kingdom in his next life. Along with being foolish, the King was greedy as well. The King became anxious because he didn’t want anyone else to replace him as King, so he summoned his minister and made a plan with him. They sneaked inside the prison that evening and released the guru along with his disciple.

They sneaked inside the prison that evening and released the guru along with his disciple.

The King and his minister disguised as guru and his disciple, execute themselves at stake the following morning. When the Kingdom’s citizens witnessed the execution of the King and his minister, they appointed the guru and his disciple as their King and minister accordingly.


The guru changed the foolish laws when he became the King. Thus, the day became a typical working day, and the night believes to be night. Moreover, the guru changed the prices of the things by the material’s value. The chapter serves as an example of why we should avoid foolish people at all costs, or we might suffer and get into problems with them, just like the disciple did. The idiotic minister decides that the merchant is too thin to die at stake, so he spares his punishment and punishes the disciple just because he is fat enough to fit on the stake. We should use wisdom rather than logic to deal with dumb people. Now you won’t wonder how does the guru manage to save his disciple’s life anymore. You already have the answer!

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