How to write a complaint letter to the Police commissioner?

How to write a complaint letter to the Police commissioner?

How to write a complaint letter to the Police commissioner?

Do you want to write a complaint letter to the police commissioner and don’t know the right way to do it? Then, we are here to help you. In the following article, you will find everything you need to know about complaint letters. And how to write a complaint letter to police commissioner. You don’t have to be a lawyer or someone in authority. All you have to do is compose a complaint letter properly and include all the necessary details. The optimal writing criteria for a police complaint are succinct, direct, self-explanatory, and powerful. We must first assess the nature of the complaint, the necessary course of action, and the intended result before writing the police report and then proceeding as appropriate.

how to write a complaint letter to police commissioner
 You don’t have to be a lawyer or someone in authority to write a complaint letter to the police commissioner.

What is a complaint letter?

When you are unhappy with a service or have a problem, you can write a complaint letter to the relevant authorities. A complaint is described in Section 2(d) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. The following is repeated out of courtesy: An accusation made verbally or in writing to a magistrate to have him take action under this code against a known or unidentified perpetrator is referred to as a “complaint,” but it excludes a police report.

A complaint letter is a specific letter to express any violation, offense, complaint, or anger related to a good or service, etc. Use complaint letters to voice your concerns about injustice and request a favorable resolution. We can also utilize the complaint letter to release any repressed feelings brought on by hardship or negative experiences. A citizen’s obligation and right to demand justice for any injustice they perceive is sparked by a complaint. So, writing a complaint letter is your first step toward asserting your consumer rights. They motivate other inconvenienced customers and persuade the relevant authorities to take appropriate action. It further increases the accountability, responsibility, and responsiveness of the defaulters.

A complaint letter to police commissioner

Let’s move on and talk about how to write a complaint letter to police commissioner. There is no place for casual conversation because police complaint letters are based on serious issues. We write it to make a complaint, report any disturbance or difficulty experienced by the sender, or alert the police commissioner of a specific occurrence. It is a letter requesting that the police commissioner take action to resolve the issue it describes. It explains the problem clearly and succinctly. In your complaint letter, you should write all your important details like your address, name and contact details so they can contact you back.

Format of a complaint letter to police commissioner

Firstly, you should write your complete address and postal code in the top left corner of the letter. After that, mention the date on which you are writing the letter. It will help us file an FIR and keep track of our conversations with police personnel. Because there may be several complaints later in the process, write down the address of the police station and the subject of the complaint—for example, report snatching in your area, theft, harassment, physical abuse, etc. Now address the commissioner respectfully, calling them sir or ma’am.

Begin the first paragraph of the letter with your introduction and Write out your complaint’s reason immediately. In the second paragraph, write down every detail of the incident, such as time, place, etc. Sometimes, the minor thing you don’t think is important can help the police solve the case. In the last paragraph of the letter, You should be very clear about the action you want the police commissioner to take. It is usually advised to file an FIR, catch the offender, and bring them to punishment for justice. In the end, write your name in block letters and your signature. Provide your contact information as well. So, If the police decide to look into your complaint, having your contact information on file will enable them to contact you if any information is still lacking or to give you an update on its progress.

Sample of a complaint letter

Now you know how to write a complaint letter to police commissioner. Here is the sample letter on mobile snatching happening in Shimla.

31/105 Anuradha villa,

Mall road, Shimla.

Coimbatore – 641208

October 1st, 2022.

The police commissioner,

Central road, Shimla.

Subject – Mobile snatching in the area.


I am Hemani Malhotra. And I have been living in the area for about five years now. I want to alert the authorities to the rising number of cellphone snatching incidents in my neighborhood. The number of these occurrences has significantly increased during the past month.

Furthermore, these incidents happen in the evening. The evening is when children go out to play, and adults go for walks or other physical activities. But because of these mobile snatching happening in the area, everyone is scared to go in the evening. Since there are no street lights in the neighborhood, it is dark and, therefore, more accessible for criminals to perform this action. Additionally, we have reported this to the local police, but no significant effort has been taken. This has motivated the gang, and incidents like this are becoming common.

I kindly want you to personally check into this situation and assist us, locals, in leading secure lives. I hope you’ll recognize our issue and take urgent action to address it.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Signature of the sender.


contact details.


So now you understand how to write a complaint letter to police commissioner and have a sample. Anyone with knowledge of the activity can file a complaint; the person who has been impacted is not necessary to do so. It emphasizes that even if someone is aware of a crime, they are still required to inform the sensible police officer. Be a good citizen and don’t tolerate crime happening around you. Whether it’s happening with you or someone else, report it to the police immediately.

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